Wide Receiver


Birthplace: Texarkana, TX
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196
School: Texas Southern

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Joe Anderson is a 3 year veteran Wide Reciever who has continued to grow as an athlete. Many people know Joe from his ingenious move of standing out side Houston Texans stadium with a sign that said, “Not homeless…. But, STRIVING for success!” This phrase still holds true, now more then ever for Joe Anderson. 


Joe has been training to elevate his craft everyday since his release from the Jets. Anderson is a hidden secret, that needs unveiled. During his career with texas southern Joe was dominant. Joe took that effort to Chicago under Lovie Smith.  He stayed through the coaching change and left for other pastures. Most recently Joe played with the New York Jets. Now it is time to take a chance on Joe Anderson. He is 5 times the Receiver that he used to be.